The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund






About the Project

The project addresses the improvement of ecosystem for business and social business development at the regional level in Georgia. The aim is to support local entrepreneurs by networking and organizing local stakeholders on the principles of Local Economic Development and Regional Branding. Support will be provided on the basis of experience from the Visegrad countries. Majority of the Visegrad partners are directly linked to the high expertise related to the issue of regional development and also Regional Branding. From this experience, support of local entrepreneurial ecosystem will be effectively achieved through creating functional structures benefitting both the locality (municipality) and the local entrepreneurs.

By linking together the region’s stakeholders and establishment of a new development strategy, we aim to increase economic value of the region and improve local socio-economic conditions. Kakheti region initiative will serve as a pilot for other regions in Georgia, and their representatives will be invited to join the developed Regional Branding scheme once it will be established.

Planned project outputs will facilitate the knowledge transfer, networking, and establishment of functional structure – Regional Branding Platform.

A1: Database of local and regional organizations, producers and service providers in Kakheti region
A2: Awareness raising meeting, Telavi, GE
A3: Methodology
A4: Local meetings regarding the Regional Branding platform
A5: International workshop, Telavi, GE
A6: Establishment of Regional Branding platform and pilot session of Certification Committee, Telavi, GE
A7: Development of Marketing strategy and Design Manual
A8: Set of recommendations for expansion to other regions
A9: Development of Catalogue
A10: Sustainability workshop & final conference, Telavi, GE

• Regional Development Agency Senec – Pezinok (Slovakia)
• Association of Regional Brands (The Czech Republic)
• Rába-Duna-Vág European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation with Limited Liability (Hungary)
• Kakheti Regional Development Foundation (Georgia)

Bilateral project support by the program Slovak Aid

Support of small and medium entrepreneurship of the young unemployed – Young Unemployed Towards Entrepreneurship “YUTE – SAMRS/2017/VP/1/8”


The project is financially supported by the SlovakAid program.

About the Project

The project aims to provide comprehensive assistance in the creation and operation of small and medium sized enterprises of the largest group of unemployed - young unemployed under the age of 35 with a 10% share of women in selected regions of Georgia that have potential in traditional art production, tourism and organic agriculture business activities.

The main areas of the project are development of market environment and small and medium entrepreneurship with a particular focus on establishment of small and medium enterprises and lowering the unemployment rate within regions, capacity building of umbrella organizations - in this case of Slovak-Georgian Chamber of Commerce and its partnership with state and public organisations, NGOs and professional associations and establishment of Centre for Entrepreneurship that will act under the Slovak-Georgian Chamber of Commerce after the project finalization.

1.1 Kick off conference
1.2 Elaboration of methodology of target group selection and delivery of recommendations for change and improvement of system for SSA Training of SSA employees for use of methodology
1.3 Undertaking of target group pilot selection
2.1 Establishment of the Centre for entrepreneurship by Slovak-Georgian Chamber of Commerce
2.2 Training of selected target group and development of individual business plans
2.3 Provision of support for establishment of enterprises and elaboration of program of continuous support
2.4 Experience transfer via study visit of Slovak entrepreneurs in Georgia
2.5 Acquiring practical experience through a study visit of Georgian entrepreneurs in Slovakia and vice versa
2.6 Final conference and Slovak-Georgian Business Forum

• Regional Development Agency Senec – Pezinok (Slovakia)
• Social Service Agency (Georgia)