Expansion of regional branding in the regions of Racha and Guria

Project Details


March 2023 - February 2024.

Total Grant

36.310 EUR.

Financed by

VisegradFund https://www.visegradfund.org/.


Regional Developement Agency Senec-Pezinok; https://www.facebook.com/RDASP.

Project partners

Association of Regional Brands, Czech Republic; www.regionalni-znacky.cz, www.arz.cz

Association of the Carpathian Euroregion Poland, Poland; http://www.karpacki.pl

Slovak-Georgian Chamber of Commerce, Georgia; www.sg-chamber.com 

Short description of the project

This project deals with regional brands in Georgia. The main objective is to build on improvements that we've achieved
in a previous project where we established the 1st regional brand Experience Kakheti in Georgia. Therefore, the aim 
is to support new brand development in regions of Racha and Guria that have great tourism potential and establishment 
of functional Regional Brand Association of GE.


To address the described situation, the project partners (both V4 and GE) based on their experience by pilot project in Kakheti,
identified that the expansion of the proven concept of Regional Branding works and helps the region. Regional Branding incorporates 
elements of public-private-civic cooperation and at the same time promotes SMEs through strengthened common marketing and creation 
of a "trust-badge" for external visitors. Introduction of the concept to the new local community organisations and involvement of new 
stakeholders will help to facilitate cooperation between SMEs through the establishment of common quality criteria of brands that would 
create a common topic for discussion for all stakeholders. Planned project outputs will facilitate the knowledge transfer, networking 
and establishment of functional structure of Regional Branding Platform - Association of Regional Brands in Georgia. Our idea is to ensure 
transfer of know-how from pilot region – Kakheti to new regions by giving them opportunity to learn from tangible experience on the topic 
of functional public-private partnership and RB, and simultaneously establish partnerships for future cooperation and actively take part 
in the process of regions’ improvement. Adoption of RB concept is expected to bring a number of positive effects in both regions as increase
of its economic level, quality of life of its residents, and preservation of traditions, crafts, historical and cultural values.

Financed by

Financed by Visegrad Fund

Advancing ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.

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