Our Services

Would you like to successfully enter the Slovak or Georgian market?
We can help you

Business Connection

We will advise you and help you find a suitable business partner in both countries (contacts of possible cooperation partners or mediation of business partnerships).

Direct Networking

Thanks to our network of contacts, we will identify suitable partners and ensure personal contact (accompany you during the first contact).

Market information

SGCC can provide you market information in the form of economic data or market profile and, with the help of its partners, to streamline your prospects in the new country.

Market Specifics

We know the regulations, framework conditions and specifics of both markets.

Tax and Legal advice

We provide you tailor-made tax and legal advice according to your needs.

Company Address

We will host your company address for postal purposes in our existing offices in Bratislava and Tbilisi (mail service and first contact point).

Business Placing

We will support you in finding a place suitable for your business, starting a company and we will stand by you in case of cross-border issues.

Meeting spot

We can offer our existing offices meeting room in Tbilisi and Bratislava for first contact with your (potential) business partners.